Ryan Cassata Interview: SHINE


International singer/songwriter and proud Transgender activist, Ryan Cassata has just released his 4th full length album “Shine.” Here’s some questions that I have asked Ryan about his new music and what’s behind it.

RTP: Two of your songs on this album have more of a hip hop/rap feel to them, what made you go into this direction?

RC: “I wrote Check Engine on my guitar. I just randomly started rapping over what I was playing and I recorded it and thought “well, this isn’t a bad idea for a song.” Then I decided, why not do up this track and put it on an album? I showed it to my producer, Barb Morrison, and the rest is history. Barb loved the track and we decided to produce the song in a hip hop fashion and put it on the album. “

RTP: For someone that has never heard your music before describe “Shine”
in three words.

RC: “It’s for everyone.”

RTP: What is the meaning behind your song “Don’t Count Me Out?”

RC: “I wrote “Don’t Count Me Out” about a boy that I grew attracted to. We shared some romance but the distance sort of got in the way. I wanted to tell him that I liked him regardless of the distance and that he shouldn’t count me out of a relationship with him.”

RTP: You already did a music video for your song off the album “Bedroom Eyes,” if you were to pick another song off the album to do a video
which  one would it be and why?

RC: “I want to do a music video for “We’re The Cool Kids” and highlight all different types of young people in it. I think it would be a cool way to show that even though we are all different, we are all the same too. “

RTP: What made you decide to name the album “Shine?”

RC: “I named the album Shine because we say “Shine” a lot in a couple of the songs, “Shine On” and “Hot Springs, Arkansas.” It’s a theme of the album.”

– By Mr. Brightside

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