Yes! Yes! Yes! Fishing In Japan is Back w/ “Constantinople”


Indie pop-act from Dallas, Texas “Fishing In Japan” is out with another great new song! This indie banger is called “Constantinople.” It is jam packed with electric guitars that feel funky and psychedelic at the same time. This gives the song a really chill vibe and at times the song can even be categorized as “shoegaze.” The lead singers voice would probably be loved by emo rock fans and pop punk fans. The band members are actually all still in high school, which is quite shocking because their sound is so mature and well-defined. We are excited to hear of what’s next from these guys!

You can stream the song on Spotify:

What even is Constantinople?

“Constantinople was the capital city of the Roman/Byzantine, and also of the brief Latin, and the later Ottoman empires.” – Wikipedia

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