Lars Ekengren (Engineer and Singer-Songwriter) Releases Beautiful Alt-Country/Pop Album “Monsters”


Lars Ekengren is a musician and singer-songwriter hailing from a small town in Sweden. Ekengren grew up on rock n’ roll roaring from cassette tapes and hearing the brilliant sound of his own dad frequently playing jazz music on the trumpet. Lars has just released his debut album titled “Monsters.” Being both an engineer and a singer-songwriter this album sounds quite Godly. The album combines the beautiful sounds of alternative-country, rock n’ roll/classic rock, and pop music in a clever fashion that will blow your mind. The song “Here’s The Fall” is a soft and meaningful ballad that anyone will quickly fall in love with and want to hear again and again. The songwriting is a 10 of 10 and the production is extremely blissful sounding and radio-ready. We are sure you’re going to love this one!

“It has taken my entire life to write this album – both literally and figuratively. It’s a collection of songs that echoes of fear, pain, happiness, sorrow, love, memories, hopelessness, confusion, resignation, hope, anxiety, alienation … well, pretty much everything and anything that fits into one’s existence. Despite it being my first album – it’s my legacy, of some sort.” – Lars Ekengren

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Debut album “Monsters” on Spotify

“Here’s The Fall” — Official Video

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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