Grain Thief is Out with Live Recorded Folk Single

Folk-String Band, Grain Thief is out with a new single!

Grain Thief is one of our most favorite indie bands that we have discovered because of this blog. Their sound is always authentic and soulful and contains so much spirit. Grain Thief’s latest track is called “Pedal Down.” It’s the bands latest release since their incredible 2018 album Stardust Lodge. This new song fits in with the likes of The Grateful Dead, Tramped by Turtles, and Crosby, Stills & Nash. It has an old school vibe that any classic rock or early folk fan would enjoy and could also fit radio stations and playlists with country, bluegrass, and Americana jams. “Pedal Down” was impressively recorded live with five microphones and the performance is memorable, showing off the bands true live sound and talent. There’s lots of unforgettable riffs in there! The magic and chemistry of Grain Thief is captured in an authentic way. The recording features all string instruments and a bluesy-folky vocal about moving on and hitting the road.

Enjoy the song on Spotify and read the official inspiration quote from Grain Thief’s Mike Harmon below.

“There is no substitute for a group of musicians standing together in a room, facing each other, and feeling each other’s playing. It’s how we rehearse, how we jam, how we play in picking circles, and how we experience music authentically. Often, in modern recording we separate musicians in order to pursue that ‘perfect take’ — but you sacrifice the magic. In building this tune and thinking about our next record, we decided we care more about that magic.” — Mike Harmon, Grain Thief

Written by Ryan Cassata

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