Emo Lyrics, Fun Pop Punk Vibe: Here’s Bony Macaroni’s Latest Track

If you’re into emo and pop punk, you’ll love Bony Macaroni! 

Bony Macaroni have a sound that combines pop punk and emo music in a refreshing way. Their latest song “The Claw” has a super catchy vocal melody throughout it’s 3 minute and 21 second run. The song goes into many different sections and transitions very smoothly. Heavy drums and brilliant guitar riffs are a standout on this song. Bony Macaroni definitely know how to keep it interesting all the way through. Our only complaints – we wish the song went on a little longer. The energy of the music is great and has a fun vibe to it.

Enjoy the song on Spotify now:

Official Quote from Bony Macaroni: “This is a song that I wrote when I was especially angry with the current state of things. a lot of stuff going on in the world pisses me off big time and I think a lot of people my age feel the same way. Yet, sometimes I’ll resort to fatalism. I basically do the thing where I cover my ears and yell “LALALA”. I fucking hate when I do that, because I think there’s already waaay too many people covering their ears yelling “LALALA” in this world. The only way we can make powerful people do the things we want them to do, is by yelling even louder. We gotta be straight-up annoying as fuck and NOT shake hands with the beast. FUCK THE CLAW is what I’m saying. Those covering their ears may hate you for it, but that is a good thing.”


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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