New Release under Lil Peep Tonight

Lil Peep passed away in November of 2017 at the young age of 21. His team and collaborators have kept up with releasing and rereleasing his songs and his sound since his passing to honor his legacy and keep his spirit alive.

A 6 song EP re-dropped tonight called “California Girls” and is a collaboration mostly with Nedarb (NEDARB NAGROM) who is known for his work with GothboiClique. Lil Peep’s voice is slightly buried under the production on some of the tracks. Still, it’s nice to have a drop on Peep’s page come out as we know nothing else will be written from Peep himself. There is a version of the famous song “beamer boy” on this EP. This EP was originally released in January of 2016 before Lil Peep’s death. Enjoy the EP and remember Lil Peep.

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