Rain by LowDown Brass Band [Music Video, Quote, & Lyrics]

Democracy is a sociopolitical structure that we as a society agree to live by. America has never been a true democracy, not while equal rights (social, political & economic) weren’t available to all. This pandemic has presented a unique opportunity for society as a whole to see beyond the facade of the “American Dream” and see for some that’s it’s been a nightmare. We can’t move forward as a nation without reconciling centuries of miseducation & hate. The future is in our hands and this world will only be what we make it.

– LowDown Brass Band


Verse: Where were police when they
stormed the capitol / wait
I was my hands of it all at the tabernacle
claiming God for themselves is sadistic
I pray to God he hear me from the rooftop
and he listening
to American hypocrisy I’m no stranger
Lady Liberty need penance
from a archangel
is human nature just condemned
to a confrontation
any demagogue
can win with a congregation
so many flaws
that can happen in democracy
the Ancient Greeks
didn’t heed the word of Socrates
I woke up looking for the answers today
and went down to the river to pray.
Hook: Just like rain
Washing over me
Taking the pain’s mountain
From the river to the sea
Just take me down and baptize me
Let you loving set me free
Just like rain
Falling, falling
Falling down on me
Let your love rain down on me
(Come on let ya rain fall down, let it fall down on me)

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