Slow Dial Releases Studio Version of “You Don’t Talk Much” After Years of Playing the Song at Live Shows

Slow Dial’s new song packs quite the punch. “You Don’t Talk Much” will most likely be the grungiest song from a new band that you’ll hear this week. Fuzzy guitars soar throughout the entire track and complement the vocal that is delivered with loads of angst and attitude.

The lead singer, Damon Mudge says: “We wanted to write something that really closely represented who we are as a group. It’s been a long journey to get here, but I think we’ve finally found our own unique place in Australian music with a sound that screams ‘Slow Dial’ to us. For this release we wanted to incorporate the elements of grit and rawness that you get at a live show, whilst still having this thick, layered, cool rock sound we all love.”

The band hit the mark of sounding gritty and raw. There is an element of authenticity to the production and performance that will match the energy of a live show. The song even starts with drum sticks tapping together. About the songs lyrics Damon Mudge says: “We wanted to capture the energy of that chaotic part of a night out when everything is in full swing. The part where you’re yelling in someone’s ears trying to have a conversation, and just nodding and agreeing even though you can’t hear what they’ve said back. As a band we’ve had a lot of nights like this together, and even though it’s loud, it’s fast paced, and it can seem like a bit of a blur, it’s still a pretty good time.”

Slow Dial’s bass player Mark Wilson says “We’ve been road-testing and refining this tune for ages. It was written after a pretty emotionally draining night out, and by the time we took it to the studio we must have been on our 10th version. The studio we went to was actually in the shed of Lucius’ childhood home, and I think that gave us way more creative freedom than we’ve had in the past. It meant that we could stay up late and experiment with sounds, tones, and layers as much as we wanted. Bouncing ideas off Sam [Swain] in the mix process really helped us make sense of all of those crazy ideas we came up with in the studio, and I think because of that, the song and our sound have come into their own.”

Ten versions of the same song? Wow! Rock the Pigeon would love to hear the previous versions too. It’s an interesting experience to be able to hear a song from its birth into it’s recorded version. If you’re into hard rock, grunge, attitude-filled music, then you must check out Slow Dial and their latest hit “You Don’t Talk Much.” Slow Dial is based in Australia.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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