Nick White & Kisos Collab for Smash Single “Flash”

This three part collab EP titled “Flash” is what two world’s colliding to create something beautiful looks like.

Cover Art for “Flash”

On January 12th of 2022, NICK WHITE and Kisos dropped their collab EP of the year titled “Flash,” including the smash hit in English and Japanese, as well as a powerful follow up titled “Chaos.”

Nick comes from a family of singers and writers. He spent his formative years studying music and voice, immersed in communities of talent. At sixteen, he began writing and recording original music in GarageBand, later pursuing a more refined sound with the gifted Lee Davis before moving to Los Angeles and continuing his artist development with Firestone Films.

He debuted his first single “Drip Gold” in 2020, followed by “Moon” that same year. Both songs set the tone for what he calls his Whisper Era, slowly evolving into its highest and most refined form over time. Beyond the music, Nick is looking to grow on TikTok through the development of original series like Restaurant Whispers, an ASMR-style short exploring the menus of the hottest restaurants in LA, as well as the upcoming WWGJD?, a series of skits reimagining classic Biblical tales from new perspectives.


Kisos comes from a family who couldn’t care less about music. While his friends jammed to all the modern hits, he was stuck in the car with 98.3 KUIC, lite rock from the 80s, 90s, & today! Over time, the Bay Area native forged his own path. He learned flute, competed in drumline championships, and honed his voice with his university’s gospel choir. Yet through all that, he never considered music as a viable career for himself. In 2014 that changed. Spurred on by his grandmother who asked why music wasn’t a part of his life anymore, Kisos moved to New York to pursue a dream that was just taking shape.

He debuted his first single “Symmetry” in 2016, which Baeble Music compared to Troye Sivan and Years & Years, and followed that with a self produced EP, VOICES, in 2018. Feeling a breakthrough bubbling, he enlisted producer Kyle Patrick (Shea Diamond, Monogem) & GRAMMY winning engineer Joe LaPorta (Lizzo, Moses Sumney) for his 2019 single, “Happily Ever After,” which skyrocketed to success on Billboard, and Spotify’s editorial playlists. Since then, Kisoshas dominated livestreaming, peaking in the top 1% of Twitch’s most popular broadcasters thanks to his LGBTQIA+, TRL-style music video show, QUEERANTINE, which raised over $11k for social justice orgs since its 2020 inception.


“Flash” starts with NICK WHITE whispering “this is my whisper era,” an iconic phrase that sets the stage for the entire song. The intro is followed up by NICK beautifully singing the first verse, immediately bringing the melancholic instrumental a beautiful contrast with his stunning vocal melodies and harmonies. This pinpointed vocal delivery follows him throughout the whole song, keeping the mood and vibe consistent. By the time we get to the pre-chorus and the chorus, I feel blown away by the powerful lyrics. Between the melodies and the catchy lyrics combined with whisper moments, it’s truly unforgettable.

When Kisos enters the track on the second verse, I can immediately feel the intensity behind his vocal delivery. You can quite literally hear the soul behind his vocals, with lyrics that perfectly match this energy. The way Kisos delivers his last lines gives me chills. When we get to the second chorus, it feels like it hits twice as hard with the intense vocals and harmonies. The bridge that follows brings trap vibes and poetic writing from Kisos, as well as even more emotional vocal delivery from both Kisos and NICK, stacking their vocal tracks atop one another beautifully. By the time we hit the last chorus, it feels like a full blown theatrical performance is happening in our ears. It’s beautiful, it’s powerful, and extremely memorable.

“Chaos” follows this energy on the 3-song EP, delivering powerfully written lyrics alongside beautiful vocal melodies, trap influences, and a bit of rapping. I also have to say, the Japanese version of “Flash” is absolutely just as fantastic as the English version. I find myself listening to it nonstop. I’m extremely impressed by the duo’s dedication to delivering each lyric in perfect Japanese, with clear annunciation on each line. NICK told me a while back about it, and explained how he hired a songwriter from Japan to help rewrite the song from English into Japanese, as well as help train him and Kisos to deliver it correctly. The hard work is evident in the track, making the Japanese version a must-listen as well.

I had the privilege of being able to interview the duo about the song and the release, check it out below!

What inspired you to make this song?

Nick: It’s a direct reflection of my growth as a human and artist in the past year, so once I understood what I was going through on a mental level, I had to share the secrets with everyone.

Kisos: Nick approached me with a clear vision and I welcomed the escape from the dreariness and loneliness of the world. I knew the only option was to go hard and bring everyone up with us!

What was your favorite part of making this song together?

Nick: Having the opportunity to meet and work together in person was a highlight for me.

Kisos: So many things but learning to sing in Japanese was def unique.


How did you go about recording this song, and what are the vibes like in the studio with you?

Nick: I recorded the vocals in my home studio, the vibes included a lot of candles to ease my anxieties. SONIKZ played a huge role in the vocal production, once everything was recorded we would go park his car on Sunset Blvd and mix for hours. Something about being surrounded by the Hollywood nightlife, I think it added a little magic to the process.

Kisos: We did the recording process remotely, so I sent my vocal stems to Nick and then we had a lot of back and forth before reaching the final product!!

What was your favorite part of filming the video?

Nick: We haven’t quite filmed an official video, but there are other visual components in play, I think my favorite part was doing the green screen footage with Kisos in his basement because it was so DIY, we were in the zone and making the best of our time and what we had to work with.

Kisos: I totally agree, the lights kept falling down but we were determined to get some good takes hahaha


Was this track release cathartic for you?

Nick: 100% music IS my therapy and highest form of expression.

Kisos: Nick really opened up when writing these songs, so being able to soak in his perspectives while also staying true to my own authenticity was super juicy!!

What keeps you motivated?

Nick: Passion for music

Kisos: Seeing our community flourish



What can we expect next from you?

Nick: More new music, got some fire with NYC rapper, Bryce Quartz coming in February!

Kisos: I’m about to relaunch my TRL-style music video show, QUEERANTINE, which has raised over $11k for social justice orgs since its 2020 inception. We showcase LGBTQIA+ talent from all around the world.

What other artists are you listening to right now?

Nick: Jazmine Sullivan

Kisos: Jazmine Sullivan

Thank you for taking the time to answer those questions for us, y’all!

Be sure to stream the “Flash” by NICK WHITE and Kisos on all platforms now, along with its Japanese counterpart, as well as “Chaos.” Follow them on social media below too!


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Written By: Bryce Quartz

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