Nieri Releases Electropop Dance Track “Body 2 Body”

This song is truly a must-add to any and all of your dance playlists!

Nieri (nee-eh-ree) is a pop artist, singer and songwriter.

Nieri combines inspired vocals with electronic textures and dance beats, for an uplifting soundscape influenced by his European roots, and his life in Los Angeles.

The song starts with a steady house vibe. We are then gifted with Nieri’s beautiful vocals. I really enjoyed the buildup to the instrumental breakdown, where Nieri sings catchy lyrics that are fun to sing along with.

This track is easily a must-add to all your dance track playlists, so be sure to go add “Body 2 Body” by Nieri to your library!

Click here for Nieri’s Website

Written By: Bryce Quartz

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