Mustard Service Release Coastal Indie Rock Track “Alolé”

Following the release of “VCM, Miami natives Mustard Service are giving fans one final preview to their August 4th album Variety Pack with all-Spanish track “Alolé.” With its whistling beat and surf rock backbone, “Alolé” is perfect for beachside listening. 

“‘Alolé’ is a single written by Nuchi, our lead guitarist. In his words it’s a song about nothing. He had the instrumental written with a few nonsense words jumbled together that just sounded nice. Sometimes a song doesn’t have to make sense as long as a vibe or feeling is there, and we definitely think this song fits that category.” – Mustard Service

In support of the upcoming album release, Mustard Service has been hosting a string of music festivals titled Zest Fest with stints in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Their upcoming and final Zest Fest will be at Miami’s The Bandshell on Saturday, August 5. Featuring local Miami Beach artists, fans can purchase their festival tickets here

Sons of Latino immigrants, the five-piece kick-started in 2015 and is held down by Marco Rivero (lead vocals, guitar), Gabriel “Nuchi” Marinuchi (guitar), Augusto “Tuto” Di Catarina (bass, vocals), Leo “Big Guy” Cattani (keys), and Adam Rhodes (drums). Self-identified as “zest pop,” the band’s eclectic mix of indie rock, surf, funk, jazz and bossa nova has made them the perfect representation of Miami alternative. 

A Mustard Service show isn’t without its share of chaos, but the warm family energy that permeates through this collective of friends and onto the stage has amassed them a passionate fan base looking to leave their worries at the door. Transitioning from sweaty overpacked house shows in Miami-Dade County to selling out shows nationally, Mustard Service has made appearances at numerous festival circuits such as iiiPoints and Okeechobee. 

The new album, Variety Pack, is available next month. 

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