Now After Nothing Cover “All I Want” by The Cure

Now After Nothing release their special rendition of The Cure’s beloved track “All I Want.” Vocalist Matt Spatial is paying homage to the track’s indispensable impact on his musical journey by staying true to the original composition with hints of Now After Nothing’s signature synths, dream-like guitars, and nuanced darkwave and rock soundscapes.

I’ve never been one for recording covers but ‘All I Want’ holds a special place in my heart.  I instantly gravitated toward the song when I first heard ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’ as a kid.  I was captivated by the sound and the multiple perfectly woven melodies. Years later, I thought about the feel and energy of the song during my first attempt at songwriting. I gave my first song the working title ‘Sonic Goth’ as, in my mind, it sounded like Sonic Youth meets The Cure. Truth be told though, what I ‘wrote’ was a blatant rip-off of ‘All I Want.’  The noobish-ly named ‘Sonic Goth’ never came to be a fully-formed song, and likely never will. Rather than rip off the original, it makes more sense to pay homage to it even more blatantly. So here it is…my cover of The Cure’s ‘All I Want.’ Oh, but in my version, it’s ‘Doll’ not ‘Dog’ – I am an aspirational feminist, after all.– Matt Spatial, Now After Nothing

The cover is a dynamic, summery glimpse into Now After Nothing’s world before they unveil their debut EP in Fall 2023. 


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