Discover the Musical Magic of Alena Ciera’s “All In My Head” EP

Alena Ciera is an artist you should be watching. If you are a fan of pop, indie rock, soul, or funk, you will surely love her fusion of sounds. She has just released an incredible, must-listen-to EP titled “All In My Head.” The 16-minute EP has 5 standout songs that are catchy, radio friendly, well-written and well-produced. The record showcases her skills in both songwriting and vocal delivery. The EP is consistently strong from start to finish, in terms of production, songwriting, and performance.

The title track “All In My Head” kicks off the EP with sweet summer vibes. It’s the perfect introduction track for this EP. The song has a laid back drum grove and some fun inspiration from the genres of funk and soul. The genres blend seamlessly giving the EP another element of exceptionality. Alena Ciera’s vocals are laid back. She  delivers them with just the right amount of energy to set the perfect tone, complete with catchy melodies and strong, relatable lyrics.

“Change Your Mind” is one of my personal favorites on the EP. It is a piano-driven pop ballad, with a fresh drum beat that is quite danceable. The contagious melodies stand out compared to other songs in the same genre because of the catchy vocal melodies and fusions of genres and styles. This is definitely one of the strongest songs on the EP, both in terms of production and songwriting.

“Somebody to Love” is a total love anthem. It has the spirit of early 00’s pop-rock songs. The most brilliant part of this track is the vocal delivery that perfectly transmits the emotions of the songwriter to the listener. Alena Ciera’s voice is filled with longing and romance.  The EP takes an expected turn for “What You Want.” This song brings in a poppy synth line and a quicker drum beat. This is dance-ready track with laid back verses and an explosive and catchy chorus section.

The closing track of the EP is perhaps the most soulful. “In Your Feelings” has jazzy chords, funky grooves, and out-of-the-box vocal melodies and rhythms that will surely captivate the listener. “In Your Feelings” has a relatable message for just about anyone, which adds an extra layer of star power to this track.

Suggested For Fans of: Rihanna, Justin Bieber, & Ariana Grande

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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