Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog Teases Upcoming LP with 2 Beautiful Folk Tracks

The Wales-based band Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog are gearing up for the release of their 5th studio LP with the release of two fantastic singles on an EP titled “Clawdd Eithin” / “Adenydd.” The band has reunited after an 8-year-long hiatus to bring more beautiful music to their fans, and these tracks are definitely worth the wait.

“Clawdd Eithin” begins off beautifully with a smoothly picked acoustic guitar. When the pedal steel guitar comes in accompanied by other string instruments (such as banjo and drums), your heart will surely melt. Vocally, the song is just as stunning, with softly delivered lyrics in Welsh. The calmly-toned voice comes across as tender and emotional during the verses, before erupting into a bigger sound for the chorus section. The instruments and vocals build with the song to reach it’s fantastic peak.

The songwriter says “Dyma gân am fy mhlentyndod, cân am Ben Llŷn, sydd wedi bod ar fy meddwl i’n aml dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf gan nad ydw i’n byw yno bellach. Mae hon yn un o’r caneuon a ddaeth i mi yn gyflawn mwy na heb, yr alaw a’r geiriau, ac mae hi’n fynegiad o ryw deimlad sydd wedi bod yn codi ynof ers tro – dw i’n mynd yn fwy hiraethus wrth fynd yn hŷn mae’n rhaid!” 

“This is a song about my childhood, a song about Ben Llŷn, which has been on my mind often over the last few years as I no longer live there. This is one of the songs that came to me complete more than without, the melody and the words, and it is an expression of some feeling that has been rising in me for a while – I’m getting more nostalgic as you get older you must!” (English Translation)

“Adenydd” translates to “Wings” from Welsh to English. This song is more of a ballad than the opening track. We once again here the tender vocals filled with emotion. The song is more classical in feel and less folky than the first song. It shows another side to the band’s talent and versatility. It’s a must-listen breathtaking song.

The band’s LP will come out sometime in 2024! This will be the band’s first release since 2016. We all can’t wait to hear it!

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Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog is:

Iwan Glyn Hughes – llais, gitar, banjo, organ geg (vocal, guitar, banjo, harmonica)
Dafydd Rhys Hughes – drymiau (drums)
Aled Wyn Hughes – bas, llais (bass, vocal)
Branwen Haf Williams – llais (vocal)
Euron Jones – gitar ddur bedal (pedal steel guitar)
Gethin Griffiths – Hammond, piano, Rhodes

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Written by Ryan Cassata (for reviews click here)

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