Elemantra’s ‘Such Tiny Fish’ Is Groovy, Jazzy Alt-Rock with a Dreamy Vibe

Elemantra’s ‘Such Tiny Fish’ is expansive, freeform alternative rock with an untethered shoegaze vibe. Citing influences “comprising iconic bands… from Sense Field, The Appleseed Cast and Sunny Day Real Estate to Hum and The Smashing Pumpkins,” these guys, “have concocted a sound with nods to the past but very much aimed at a contemporary audience.”

‘Music From the Heart’ by Tygersounds Is Glitzy, Eighties-Style Indie Pop

‘Music From the Heart’ by Tygersounds is glitzy, whirring indie pop with a distinctly retro approach. These guys tap “into a sound that can only be described as Morrisey-esque, merging a haunting, classic tone with a contemporary new-romantic vibe.” They say “the combination of vulnerable vocals, synth elements and rocking guitar and drums is what makes Tygersounds roar.”