Foreign Dog Has Got Us Hooked On His Epic Sound!

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Foreign Dog has got us deep in the feels with his new song “Lost In The City” off of his EP “Let’s All Go To The Party” that came out today on Spotify! Forgein Dog is the moniker for Charlie Calleja from London, England. Charlie spent a lot of time making music before 2010, became discouraged, but eventually realized that he had to make music and started to release music again under the name Foreign Dog. His new song “Lost In The City”  talks about human nature and some of the deep feelings we all have brewing inside of us. “Cause we don’t want to lie, we don’t want to be truthful.” His voice is sweet and bridges the gap between indie-rock and modern pop radio. The song is set at a slower BPM but feels like it’s at the perfect tempo because of the production, therefore the song does not feel too slow. Great lyrics, epic melodies, and beautiful production!

Check it out on Spotify:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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