Jazzy-Folk Songwriting Genius, Alissa Musto Sings Her Heart Out on “Hiding Away”


Hailing from New England is the singing, songwriting, and piano playing extraordinaire Alissa Musto. She quickly captivates listeners on her jazzy piano driven ballad titled “Hiding Away.” Her smooth vocals float beautifully over tasteful piano chords and riffs. Alissa Musto sings confidentially on the track about a tour coming to a close and the desire for a simpler life away from a big city. “Hiding Away” is off of her record titled “X Post Facto (Acoustic)” which comprises of 5 wonderful stripped-down songs. Alissa Musto’s voice and songwriting talent is strong enough to not need a large amount of production to make the song sound stronger than it is. The songwriting stands well enough as it is, in it’s original form, acoustically. Enjoy the EP on Spotify now:

The lyrics of “Hiding Away” are a common theme in the songs of many artists. Perhaps it may be because artists are always want to shy away from the fame and paparazzi but need to be locals to big cities for songwriting inspiration and important industry connections.

A quote from the artist herself on the meaning of the song:

“After a whirlwind year serving as Miss Massachusetts, my best friend and I decided to embark on a summer road trip the morning after I crowned my successor. We spent the first few days hiking and camping and found our way to a local dive bar where we met a group of cool, local friends around our age. However, growing up and living in such a rural setting, their lifestyle was so different than ours. They laughed when I tried to find an Uber. It was such a change up from the craziness of Boston and New York City, yet still only a few hours away.”
– Alissa Musto


Here are some brilliant lyrics from the chorus of the song:

“Sometimes I wish I had a simpler life
Safe in the shade of a big old pine
no one knows me in this small town
so I’ll dance in the dark after a couple rounds
Five dollars will get you something tall and strong
enough for me to sing a country song
If i’m so happy, why’m I here tonight
hiding away from the city lights.”
– Alissa Musto

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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