Hear the Songs that the Queer Community Can’t Get Enough Of!

Note From The Editor: Rock The Pigeon was lucky enough to hear back from some awesome LGBTQ influencers and artists about the music they are currently stuck on! We hope you enjoy their answers and music taste as much as we do! Click on their instagram handles to find out what they all do!


Leonardo Martinez – @_justcallmeleo
Singer-Songwriter, Actor & Dancer

His Favorite Song: “Battle” by David Guetta ft Faouzia

“I’ve been listening to David Guetta’s new album 7 nonstop but one song that keeps coming up over and over is “Battle” ft Faouzia. I keep hearing the lyrics and they’re very powerful. I believe she’s talking about God, and how she fights through the battle of this world to get to Him. The lyrics are so encouraging, and remind me to always fight the battle of life and for truth, and what’s important. We don’t hide from the truth. That’s what this song says to me.”
Leonardo Martinez

Stefani Lee – @stefanigaym

Social Media Influencer, Activist

Her Favorite Song: “Call My Life” by Blair St. Clair  

“My favorite song at the moment “Call My Life” by Blair St Clair because the song makes me feel powerful. I also love it because I feel like their is such a meaningful message behind the lyrics. The vocals and the track also make a part of why I love the song so much.”

Jesediah – @jezmakesmusic
Singer-songwriter, Rapper

His Favorite Song: “Chanel (Go Get It)” by Young Thug

“I’m listening to “chanel go get it” by young thug gunna and lil baby because i think the flows of the artists on it all fit together seamlessly as well as the melodies as they’ve given a song thats actually well crafted along with a banger.”
– Jesediah

April Rose – @ape_vox
Singer of The Rose Monarch

Her Favorite Song: “Real Love” by Lo Moon

“I love the palate of sounds and color that this song paints with. It’s dark, it’s calm and completely groovy. I’m so addicted to the sonic vibe – my brother/co-write (who introduced me to the track) and I have been trying to write music that conveys this same sonic and emotional feel for our next release.”
– April Rose

Micah T. Woods – @micahtwoods
Singer-songwriter, Artist

His favorite song: “High Horse” by Kacey Musgraves

“When Kacey Musgrave’s Golden Hour first came out I listened to it over and over again and honestly haven’t stopped. My favorite track on the album is “High Horse”: it’s the perfect blend of pop and country made even better by great songwriting and amazing production. This song always gets me dancing around and feeling good. I could listen to it on repeat all day!”
– Micah T Woods

Mya Byrne – @myabyrne


Her favorite song: “LA Woman” by The Doors

“I’ve been listening to LA Woman by the Doors a lot lately. It’s a song that just gets me moving and at its root, pure blues poetry. I’m a night owl and it feels like a haunted midnight road.”
– Mya Byrne

Noah – @jollysailorb0ld

Social Media Influencer, Activist

His favorite song: “Cough Syrup” by Young The Giant

“It’s just a song I’ve always come back to. It’s uplifting and reminds me to put my worries aside and just be present. Life’s too short to even care at all.”
– Noah

Steph Kyriacou – @queermurphys

Writer, content creator & vlogger

His favorite song: “The Hurt, The Hope” by As It Is

“As It Is have been one of my all-time favourite bands for years now, and this new album only proves why. This song in particular is one that I really relate to, in the way that it talks about pain and how people sometimes take it out on themselves, while also understanding that it’s hard to suffer in silence and not feel like you’re alone. But the song also holds a tender note of hope, with the lyrics “it’s gotta get better” encompassing that desperate plea that many of us have gripped onto in our darkest moments.”
– Steph

Mack Man – @mackmanofficial

Artist, Social Media Influencer

His Favorite Song: “Lucky Strike” by Troye Sivan

“I’ve been listening to the banger, “Lucky Strike,” by Troye Sivan on repeat! There is such romanticism in the imagery of the cigarette hook: “Cause you taste like Lucky Strikes, you drag, I light, boy.” It’s really empowering to see a gay artist doing so well in the industry.”
– Mack

Richard Cortez – @richardcortez

Singer-songwriter, Poet 

His favorite song: “Circles” by Krystle Warren

“I saw Krystle Warren live before I had heard any of her albums. Her voice shot through me like a hot bullet. Her songwriting is skillful, full of heart and her records do not disappoint at capturing what a treasure it is to experience her life.”
– Richard Cortez

Jordanna Felice – @jordannafelice
Lead Singer and Writer of Eithermore

Her Favorite Song: “Shrike” – Hozier

“Hozier finally released more music and I have to listen to the song Shrike at least once a day. A shrike is a bird that lays its eggs on the thorns of other plants. This makes for beautiful metaphors and captivating lyrics for a love song, while featuring Hozier’s signature melody following guitar technique.”
– Jordanna

Enrique Jesus Hernandez – @enriquejhmusic
Musician, Singer-songwriter, Artist

His Favorite Song: “Reckoner” by Radiohead

“A song i’ve been listening to a lot lately has been Radiohead’s “RECKONER” from their IN RAINBOWS record. this track has helped me get calm when i feel overwhelmed and anxious, and also inspires me to do my next indicated step if i feel lazy or depressed and want to isolate. the lyrics for me are abstract, the music is complex and beautiful and every note, sung and strung, is soothing – affecting me in a way great art promises.”

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Written by singer-songwriter: Ryan Cassata

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