Joe Reidy Reminds Us to Breathe with “Inhale”

Joe Reidy’s new single “Inhale” glimmers with the sound of its DMV influences and bristles with the heartstrings that adorn its sleeve.

The crackling samples of 24-year-old Joe Reidy’s newest single “Inhale” bring to mind the world of DMV production a la Oddisee’s Rock Creek Park with the confidence and clarity of fellow East Coaster Mac Miller. Like Miller, Reidy’s flow pushes through often overripe tropes of bravado and reputation to focus on the inner struggles that affect us all- the stress of life, self-doubt, personal baggage- and in that confidence and clarity is the true heart of the track: comfort.

One of the gems of a mindful piece of music is its ability to connect with the listener. “Inhale” straddles the line of personal exploration and empathetic outreach. The sampled cries in the background echo the struggles Reidy tells of pushing through, and the last section’s slowed tempo and easy melodies walk the walk in terms of a tonal reminder that sometimes we just need to slow down and breathe. “Inhale” is fine work from a new and exciting voice, and a welcome glimmer of hope in these hard times.

“Inhale” is out now and streaming everywhere. Be sure to check it out!

Written By Bobby Guard


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