Evil Eyes by Ben Balmer Features Impressive Blues Harmonica

Ben Balmer is a blues-folk artist that should be on your radar. His powerful voice joins forces with a bluesy riffing harmonica and slide guitars on his song “Evil Eyes.” The authentic percussion carries the song and lifts the melody. Harmonies complete the track. The biggest force in the harmonica that is played by Ben Balmer himself. Impressive!

The vocal is compelling, demanding much attention. It maintains a sort of smoothness while the instrumentation follows a more gritty sound. The combination of a smooth vocal and retro-distorted band sets a special mood that feels intimate. The beat shuffles. The raw instrumentation gives off a live effect, as if you are in listening in a dimly lit New Orleans dive bar.

Evil Eyes is the first track off of Ben Balmer’s LP titled Honky-Tonk Macbeth which released mid-October 2021. Ben Balmer is based in Austin, Texas.

Listen to the record on Spotify now:

More info: https://www.benbalmer.com
Written by Ryan Cassata

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