“Nothing But Love” For WYO


Wyoming, try not to fall in love with WYO, but not too hard because you definitely want to. The rock band from the cinematic landscapes and epic mountains of singer-songwriter Andy Sorgeutilizes’ upbringing. His organic instrument palette creates the soundscape that is WYO. After attending film school in New York, Andy met multi-instrumentalist, Scott McKay Gibson, and the two began composing music for documentaries, commercials, and short films together in Wyoming. Perhaps this explains the reason that WYO’s music has a way of evoking such striking visuals that stir the imagination. The track definitely makes you feel able to fly over Wyoming mountains, propelled by only the sounds of Sorgeutilizes’ voice. We at Rock the Pigeon, are sold on the bands talents and believe you will be too. Listeners can expect to hear singles from Untamed prior to it’s release in early 2018. For now, definitely check out “Nothing But Love” below:

Written by (@Niko_Storment)

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