Arik Dov records album in just 6 hours

Arik Dov is an indie folk singer-songwriter from San Francisco, California who recently visited Munich to record and mix a record in less than 6 hours. The record is called “Sorry Not For Speaking.” It’s absolutely amazing that this incredibly beautiful record was recorded and mixed in just 6 hours. Arik Dov is pure talent – guitar playing, lyrics, vocals, and all. “Arik Dov’s debut … Continue reading Arik Dov records album in just 6 hours

Pop Artist From The Bay Area: Jenna Lavoie

We wanted to take the time today to introduce our readers to an upcoming artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her name is Jenna Lavoie and she writes beautifully catchy pop songs on a ukulele. We recommend giving the song “You Were The One” a listen on band camp. Her ukulele skills are simple but her voice is just beautiful! Jenna has been performing … Continue reading Pop Artist From The Bay Area: Jenna Lavoie

Milk! Records favorite of 2014

Milk! Records is an indie label that is based in Melbourne, Australia. “We release our own music, our friends music, and we embrace the creative pursuits around us.” 2014 has been a successful year for them as they have had a plethora of releases. This bandcamp playlist includes their favorite top 6 tracks. It features East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Fraser A. Gorman, The Finks, … Continue reading Milk! Records favorite of 2014

The Folk Voice We Love: Ben Stalets

Ben Stalets, is a songwriting machine as he’s just released another set of songs on bandcamp. “Lost Songs” is a compilation of 1 single titled “Lost” and 5 demo songs. Ben says that these songs will fund “all things Ben Stalets” and we can almost be sure that there will be another record coming, it may even be in the works. Our favorite track on … Continue reading The Folk Voice We Love: Ben Stalets

“Make and Move” by Ariel Sabaj

Ariel Sabaj‘s “Make and Move” must be one of the most beautiful tracks we have heard all year. The lyrics tell the story of a couple that has once fallen for each other but it’s completely inevitable that they cannot realistically work well together. Even if you haven’t felt the heartache of this particular situation, Ariel will show you exactly how it feels. She is a true artist … Continue reading “Make and Move” by Ariel Sabaj


Mutiny Radio is a DIY-style radio station based in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district. Mutiny Radio opens its doors to many different types of events; concerts, poetry readings, comedy shows, and even pumpkin carving contests. Today, we want to bring your attention to one very special show, The Common Thread Collective hosted by San Francisco’s beloved poet and activist Diamond Dave and Women’s … Continue reading THE COMMON THREAD at MUTINY RADIO in SF

DIY Spotlight: Chase Eagleson

Chase Eagleson is a singer-songwriter from Grove City, Ohio. He recently published a live recording and video of his song “Autumn Thyme.” This song features pre-recorded harmonies. The unique thing about this song is the whistle riff that happens twice in the song. That’s some really good whistling, Chase! Chase Eagleson is currently competing in the Guiter Center Singersongwriter 4 contest. Vote for him here: Find Chase … Continue reading DIY Spotlight: Chase Eagleson

DIY Spotlight: Caroline Stafford, “Yellow Bird”

The simplicity of the song is one reason of many of what makes Caroline Stafford’s new release “Yellow Bird” so beautiful. Her voice is calming and the lyrics are very relatable to anyone who has experienced hardship when it comes to love, which is almost everyone, right? The easy-going guitar playing and soft singing expresses the sadness further. We couldn’t imagine the song any other way. … Continue reading DIY Spotlight: Caroline Stafford, “Yellow Bird”

Release: “Oh Great Rose” by Monuments and Statues

From Kingston, Ontario comes folk-pop band Monuments and Statues with their beautiful sounding new-single “Oh Great Rose.” This song acts as a teaser to the upcoming LP titled Fractals which is expected to drop in February 2015. “Oh Great Rose” has the perfect male and female harmony part throughout the song. We especially love the vibe of the banjo! All you folk-rockers will love this! … Continue reading Release: “Oh Great Rose” by Monuments and Statues


Lea Beiley is crowdfunding for the release of “What Shines In The Summer” EP. Watch the video on kickstarter. It will be impossible to not notice how passionate Lea is about the release of this EP and about songwriting in general. This must be one of the most heartfelt kickstarter videos we have seen as it explains how much inspiration and work goes into a … Continue reading KICK START LEA BEILEY