Ryan Cassata’s Favorite Rock the Pigeon Music Submissions of 2018

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Each year Spotify releases a Wrapped Playlist where listeners can discover their 100 most streamed songs of the year. This article features 10 songs I discovered this year because they were submitted to Rock the Pigeon! It’s been quite an excellent year writing for Rock the Pigeon! I can’t stop listening to these songs as they are all total ear worms. I’m sure they will be satisfyingly addicting to everyone who gets to hear them! Enjoy!

1. bülow – You & Jennifer (3,028,750 Spotify Streams)

“…The song is jam packed with everything it takes to make an incredible hit song – remarkable hooks, lovable lyrics, strong vocals, and excellent production. The strong doesn’t have a single dull moment through it’s 2 minutes and 39 seconds of run time. We are excited to watch the rise of bülow who is obviously destined to be a star.” [Rock the Pigeon, June 22nd, 2018]

2. The Haunt – Brat (168,513 Spotify Streams)

“With singing voices that blend flawlessly together and extremely catchy melodies, their song “Brat” feels like an ultimate hit that can drive them into ultimate stardom.”- [Rock the Pigeon, May 25, 2018]

3. Greg Holden – The Power Shift

“Although he is based in the United Kingdom his song “The Power Shift” is about the inequalities many Americans are facing right now because of the current political system and climate. The song can easily become an anthem for anyone that is feeling down due to the systematic oppression of America.” [Rock the Pigeon, August 1st, 2018]

4. Kathryn Berry – So You’re Goin’ to California

““So You’re Goin’ to California” by Kathryn Berry is a well written indie-rock song that tells a story most can relate to. Kathryn’s voice reminds us of a mix between Natalie Merchant, Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley), and Sheryl Crow and the echo on the chorus channels punk rock a bit too.” – [Rock The Pigeon, May 3rd, 2018]

5. Lyman Ellerman – The Addict

“This new emotion-filled song perfectly blends the sounds of country, folk, and singer-songwriter classic rock. His voice is as smooth as honey but the lyrics cut through the soul because they are so revealing and honest.” – [Rock the Pigeon, May 27th, 2018]

Be The Bear – I Don’t Want To (73,818 Spotify Streams)

“By the time the listener gets to the chorus they will be beyond impressed by the catchy vocal melody that is impossible to not like. The song is an outrageously feel-good 80’s synth-pop anthem with an energetic vocal delivery and a unique vocal tone that is unforgettable.” [Rock the Pigeon, August 15th, 2018]

Heart Society – Call Somebody (1,151 Spotify Streams)

“Teneia’s vocals are soulful and tasteful. Her voice carries the soul of blues in a powerful way. The vocal melody is catchy and pulls listeners in. The lead guitar is done so skillfully that it really amplifies the power of the song.” [Rock the Pigeon, February 22nd, 2018]

Boy George, Culture Club – Let Somebody Love You (766,495 Spotify Streams)

“The production of the song is unique with several “odd” sounds that happen infrequently but give a good vibe to the track. The song has positive lyrics and a reggae vibe. It’s the perfect track to listen to on the beach to enhance your mood.” – [Rock the Pigeon, August 13th, 2018]

Vallkyrie – My Way

“Vallkyrie delivers clever lyrics with a soulful vocal in the reggae hit “My Way” that will make you want to turn your speakers all the way up. The lyrical content is empowering and can become an anthem to anyone that knows they deserve something better!” – [Rock the Pigeon, September 27th, 2018]

10. JP Saxe – The Few Things

“The song has already reached tons of hits on Spotify probably due to its catchy hooks and romantic lyrics. Saxe shows that he is unique as an artist by adding his raw honesty to the story.” [Rock the Pigeon, March 14th, 2018]

Enjoy the full playlist of songs by clicking here.

Our favorite music video of the year was A. Charles with “Two Left Feet”:

Notable Mentions
: I also listened to Hello Noon, The Dream Eaters, The Rose Monarch, Rose Villain, Jordy Searchy, The Dirty Nil, Johanna Chase, Darryl Rahn, Cimo Frankel, Kris Gruen, Eithermore, & A. Charles non-stop! They all appeared on my top 100 and I discovered all of them through Rock the Pigeon music blog submissions! Thanks for an amazing year filled with incredible music!!!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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  1. I love Ryan’s picks!!! Lots of musical diversity to include Boy George and the Culture Club!!! As a 80s alterntive Rock fan I was impressed with your recognition of Boy George. Hopefully your review will influence a new generation of culture Club fans.

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